Format For Writing a Newspaper Article – 3 Easy Steps to Write a News Article

More and more writers are finding it easier to write newspaper articles compared to writing feature stories and articles for the web. This is because the rules in writing news articles are well-defined. As long you follow them, there is no way that you’re going to get lost in the process.

Here are the steps to take in order to create a compelling news article:

1. Choose your stories. What are you going to write about? When deciding on your topic, make sure that you consider the newspaper where your articles will be published and the people that you’re serving. For example, if you’re writing for broadsheets, you must consider writing about more serious issues that are happening around you. You can talk about politics, the economy, etc. However, if you’re writing for tabloids, you can focus on writing police reports, entertainment, and sports.

2. Use the inverted pyramid technique. Take that extra mile to make sure that your audience will read your articles until the end. It would help if you write your articles using the inverted pyramid technique. This simply means giving them the most important information on your lead or first paragraph and giving out supporting details on the succeeding paragraphs.

3. Write with clarity. Always keep in mind that you’re main goal in writing your articles is to inform or educate your readers. So, don’t make it too difficult for these people to understand the stories that you’re covering. Always use those terms that your audience can easily understand and if possible, incorporate relevant images or visuals.

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